A Nice Apartment That is Close to Work

I was hired as a professor at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City a few years ago. I looked at the different cities and towns around the institute so I could find where I wanted to live. When I came across the city of Taylorsville, I was impressed with everything that I read about it. It is only nine miles from the institute too, which is not a bad commute at all. I then did a search for apartments for rent in Taylorsville Utah to see if there were any decent apartments there.

I would much rather travel a little further if it meant having a nicer apartment, but I did not have to worry about that because I found a really great place to live in Taylorsville. The apartments at Autumn Glen are really nice, and I was impressed with what all they had to offer to me as a tenant. I looked at the different floor plans to see which one I wanted, and I was impressed with all of them. What I liked the most are the units that have the loft in them. I had never had one, and it just really appealed to me a good bit.

I decided that I would get the one bedroom unit because I doubted I would ever get overnight guests. I don’t have family that comes to see me since I travel to see them on a regular basis, and anyone coming to see me in town would not have any reason to spend the night. The loft is really nice too, and I thought that it would be a great place to set up a small artist studio for myself. Living here has been one of the highlights of moving here, along with the job of course. I just know that I could not have found a nicer apartment for myself.