I Am Commuting to Washington Now

Given the current administration I was surprised when the department called me up and asked me to take over one of the offices here. It came with a nice raise and it did not take Jim to find a position here, in fact he got a raise too. In real terms we are not that much better off though, since the cost of living is very high in the Fairfax area. We called up adt in northern Virignia fter we got here and tried to get a good deal to monitor the home security system on the little house that we bought. It is a cost you have to pay I suppose, since the system really is not all that great if no one is watching over the thing. It is a new system, apparently it was installed not very long ago and we have the app which means that you can use your phone to see who is at the door.

At any rate I have a pretty high position in relative terms, but that does not mean that I get a parking space here. They tell me that it takes about five years for you to get one usually. I am not really sure it would be that big of a deal if I had one either though. It is a long drive in here, with monstrous traffic all the way. If you take the train then you get here pretty much exactly the same time every day, you walk about three blocks and you are here. Obviously it is better in the summer and when there is nothing falling from the sky, but you have a lot less to deal with when you commute by train or by bus. In fact the bus drops you off directly in front of the place.