My Dad Has a Whole Lot of Crushed Cans

I was helping my Dad out the other day and I realized that he must have had about thirty garbage bags full of crushed aluminum cans behind his garage. They were all covered up with this great big green tarp and at first I had no clue what could have been under there. Of course he explained that he was waiting for scrap metal prices to go back up. He said that he would take them up if the price got back up to sixty five cents, which is almost a quarter more than the current price of aluminum cans apparently. Of course that makes a lot of sense. At forty two cents a pound each one of those bags is only worth half of what it would have been worth a few years ago when the price per pound was twice what it is now. Of course it is a great big mess now and it is only getting bigger all of the time.

My Dad only created a fraction of the cans himself. The neighbors will give him their cans and he will crush them up with this contraption he rigged up. Basically it is a metal box upon which he can drive the two front wheels of his pick up truck. The lid is a heavy metal plate and obviously with the weight of a Ford F 150 on top it, that is definitely going to crush the cans. Then he slides a trash bag over one end of the box and sweeps the cans out of it. Of course he is retired and so he needs to think about little bits of money like this and it is well worth his time to do all this, so long as the price of scrap aluminum is reasonably high.